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1. Oil-displacing Auxiliaries Tertiary oil recovery
Increase the viscosity of water-flooding,improve the water-oil mobility ratio. the purpose of enhancing oil recovery is to drive out the unused crude oil during water flooding. When the oil field enters the tertiary recovery period, viscous polymer solution is injected to improve the sweep coefficient of the injection fluid and thus block the large channel. Each ton of polyarcylamide  can produce 120~150 tons of crude oil for users Our products widely used in oil fields such as Shengli, Daqing, Xinjiang, North America, South America, India, Middle East, Africa, Russia. It can be customized according to geological temperature differences.

2. Drilling Auxiliaries
Drilling fluid used as a property regulator for drilling mud in petroleum production.Polyacrylamide can adjust the rheology of drilling fluid, carry cuttings, lubricate the drill bit and facilitate during in drilling.meanwhile recude the accident of drilling sticking,equipment wear.meanwhile prevent the well leaks and collapses.

3. Profile Control Agent,Plugging Auxiliaries
Polyacrylamide is the material of most extensive and effective for plugging.the well producing water is the common problem in the exploitation of oil field,especially for the old oild field which keep water-flooding.because of the oil field anisotropy with the difference viscosity for water and oil,it can lead to water injection penetrates along the high permeable layer or fracture between the injection well and the production well, resulting in premature water flooding of the production well, decrease of oil production and increase of water cut.

4. Fracturing Fluid

Fracturing technology is the important stimulation measure to develop tight zone in oilfield.the application is dredge the rock channel,let the oil flow past.

5. Oil field drag-reducing Auxiliaries

Polyacrylamide  widely used in pipeline transportation of crude oil and refined oil, which can improve pipeline circulation capacity and reduce energy consumption in specific locations,which also can  effectively reduce flow resistance and inhibit pipeline corrosion.






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